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Leap towards your Dream!

Friday, 17 January, 2014

I have recently been re-energized to DREAM by Mary Morrisey, the founder of Dream Builder Toolkit and inspirer extraordinaire! I saw her on Giaim TV’s Inspirations interview and was eager to find out more about her dream wisdom so I could try them and share them with you. So I signed up for her free […]

Get Things Done

Wednesday, 1 January, 2014

Last year I used the best team focusing tool I have seen in my 13 year career. The material that guided the exercise is from the Getting Things Done course at Rotman MBA. As a result of the exercise, my team became a super team. They committed to shared goals and then together found ways […]

The Slacker is BACK!

Monday, 25 November, 2013

I feel like a slacker. Between getting married, moving to Guelph and having a baby, Martha’s Dare has not recieved the attention it deserved. The good news? I have a stock pile of stories, work adventures, and life experiences to share. Since I last wrote, I have become a Mom, moved to a new city, […]

Design your life to have it all!

Sunday, 12 August, 2012

How would you design the life you love, and what BIG decision do you need to make to make it a reality? On April 28th, 2012 I married the man of my dreams. While on our honeymoon in Belize we decided to take design our life so that we could do it all. What does […]

How to be a Video Rock Star !

Thursday, 8 March, 2012

In my last post I talked about showing up on video ! My first ever public video blog provides you three tips for recording a high impact video message. What do you think ? What do you want me to blog about next ?

Get noticed in the online virtual jungle !

Thursday, 8 March, 2012

This past January I had the chance to speak at Queen’s University on the topic of Social Media and Technology. What I learnt as I reflected on my own career in the virtual world, in interacting with some smart Queen’s Engineers and sitting at dinner Marketing guru Sidneyeve Matrix are the following five mantras to […]

The Leadership Experiment

Sunday, 15 January, 2012

On October 23rd, 2011 I reached my eleven year milestone at Cisco, and to my surprise it triggered some deep reflection. Why had I stayed at ONE company for a third of my life !? Was there still an opportunity to grow? Could Cisco give me what I needed next in my career ? The […]

Proud to be an IT Girl

Wednesday, 14 September, 2011

I am proud to be one of the 25% of women in IT in Canada. On October 23rd, 2011 I will have worked for Cisco for 11 years over which I have had 11 different roles ranging from being a technical support engineer to a Senior Manager leading business strategy. These roles have challenged me, […]

Chasing a dream for 70.3 miles

Monday, 1 August, 2011

Last year, my fiancee Mark and I decided to add a half ironman triathlon to our bucket list. This hefty race comprises of a 2km open water swim, followed by a 93 km bike ride and wrapped up with a 21.1 km run. A total of 70.3 miles. This was bigger, longer, scarier and harder […]

Authentic Martha includes being a rapper

Tuesday, 12 July, 2011

Each of us has it in us to be the BEST. We all have the capacity to get to know ourselves and to be authentically us at work. I challenge you to be authentic. Have the courage to bring your whole self to work.