Martha's Dare inspiring you to achieve your dreams

Big Moves, Big Rewards.

Dare: I dare you to take 1 risk this week !

The term “risk” can be traced back to classical Greek rizikon (Greek ριζα, riza) meaning root, or “cliff” in Latin and is usually associated with the possibility of harm or negative outcome.

What the definition above doesn’t tell you is that hidden amongst the negative outcomes are a bounty of positive outcomes !! Let’s consider the AMAZING, gorgeoous view you might see from the said “cliff”. In my experience, small, medium and BIG risks are what make our lives interesting, take you on a rewarding journey and one step closer to the life you love. Now, a risk can be something small such as trying escago at a the local seafood restaurant, or large such as telling your colleague or lover how you really feel, or packing up your things and travelling around the world for 6 months.

Before you leap, my advice would not be complete if I didn’t tell you to also consider the possible outcomes. Because it is the OUTCOME that should compel you to jump !! Once you have them all listed, figure out if the worst possible outcome is sooo bad that you could not live with yourself it were to occur. What you will find out is that most often, unless you are thinking about doing something VERY dangerous, the worst case scenario isn’t too bad and the positive outcome SO BIG, and the risk is worth it (and not that risky after all) !!!!

Here are some examples of small, medium and BIG risks you could embark on TODAY:

Reach out to someone you want to connect with for work
Go on a blind date
Ask for the extra 5000 dollars when you get your next job
Tell your boss what you love to do and that you want to have the opportunity to use that skill in your day job
Go to your “life in 5 year” list and put one of your goals into action

Martha’s Outcome: One of the biggest risks I ever took was to ask my employer to allow me to work from the city of my choice. It was high risk as I was only 4 years into my career and living at the Company’s headquarters. You can imagine my father’s reaction – Martha, you are going to move away from Company headquarters, away my boss and working remotely ? But the risk in my eyes was worth it as in the off chance that they said YES, I would be moving back to Canada, living in the same city as my two Grandmothers, my sister and University friends never to miss another reunion or Halloween party. This was a risk with a LOT of reward and some risk to my career. You know what happened ? They said yes, I moved, and have now been living in Toronto for 6 years. The best part, is that since I arrived back in my home country, I have had a success in my career AND lived a life full of fun, friends and family ! Looking back the reward was SO great, that it was a risk that I couldn’t afford not to take.

So MAKE your MOVE ! and claim your reward.

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

2 Responses to “Big Moves, Big Rewards.”

  • Ms. Martha!

    Nice post – I think what you wrote is money in the bank 😉 but is often easier said than done (at least in my experience… maybe I’m just a chicken?). One way of potentially hedging the risk – to avoid possible negative outcomes, is to invest or strive towards participating in ‘good’ risk (I think I read this in an Umair Haque (HBR) post specific to economic risk..?). This type of risk can create benefits for oneself, but also others! I find that taking even larger risks that have broader rewards beyond the individual are often easier to pull off, then risks that only pay dividends to the risk taker.

    An example in line with what you had spoke to, would be asking an employer for paid time off to invest in education that will not only pay off for you, but also your employer. Even outside of work – volunteering for example, can often create rewards beyond the internal benefits a person feels, it changes the lives of others and more often than not, leads to other rewards not even thought of initially. These are simple, and not necessarily the best examples, but hopefully it makes sense.

    I’m not saying don’t take all sorts of risks – it’s just a different way of looking at risk. Anyways – awesome post as per usual Martha!


  • No Risk…No Reward…

    Consider the risks taken by those who have inspired us today, this century and millenniums ago. As I write this comment and just look around my desk, I see the accomplishments of Bill Gates, Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison and I can’t help but think about the criticisms and ridicule these individuals experienced, yet they were tenacious and relentless and because of their respective dreams, their goals, here I sit as a benefactor to their risks.

    Society today, takes for granted the trials and tribulations of those who have gone before us to create the conveniences we enjoy today, the conveniences we can not do without. Remove any one of the inventions of the four named herein and the ensuing result would be pandamania.

    Humankind’s greatest accomplishments are before us – yet to be discovered. Though, if you believe your greatest achievement is behind you or you think you can’t reach your fullest potential – then, you are right. However, if you truly believe in yourself, even when others don’t, take a lesson from Bill, Al, Ben and Tom and do your part to change the World – even if it is only how you see the World around you.

Charlie MacEachern on September 2nd, 2010 at 9:56 pm