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Throw out your job description !

Last week while I was attending an Strategic Innovation course at MIT, Frantz, a Senior Executive in the semi-conductor business, said that to make his team more innovative and more creatively solve problems he threw away their job descriptions. What resulted was that his team stopped worrying whether they had a certain title or were checking the boxes of tasks that their role outlined, and instead focused on achieving the team’s goal. He described how they energetically worked together, forgetting rules and restrictive guidelines, and just going for it. Frantz found that by unleashing his team from their job titles and job descriptions, he enabled them to use all of their talents, focus on their passion areas, all while getting more done…faster. So if the result is so good for the company and your boss, and could make you LOVE your job, why not do it?

DARE: I dare you to throw away your job description and approach your work goals focusing on your passion areas, with your eyes on the possibilities for the end goal at hand . When you open your eyes to the big picture, you might find that you see opportunities that may be outside your job description more clearly. These opportunities are the gems.
Am I asking you to take on more work….well yes, but work that is high impact and highly aligned with your passion areas isn’t really work, is it ? By throwing away your job description I believe and have experienced that work becomes more fun, more YOU defined, all while bringing great value to your company.

Martha’s Outcome: I haven’t had a job description since 2002, two years after I started my first job. This is because I hunt things down that need to get done and just do them. These “things” usually leverage some skill or contacts that I can contribute to moving something ahead or it’s something interesting that I want to be a part of. These things that are not in your job description tend to be the real differentiators! So go for it, figure out what are you NOT doing today that you could take on that would challenge you and leverage your passion areas.

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Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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