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Step off the hamster wheel and celebrate !

My calendar is full of events. Meetings for work, when I am going to see friends, volunteer, eat dinner, exercise – you name it, it is in my calendar. Life is busy. Amongst all that activity there are milestones one crosses – you complete a project at work, run your first 10km, make your first upside down pineapple cake, or maybe you decided to exercise three times a week and you just finished workout number 3. However, I have found that we are so busy DOING stuff that we forget to recognize when we have hit one of these major milestones and should take pause to celebrate. This then causes you to be on the never ending hamster wheel of life, where over time we get burnt out, cynical and wishing we hadn’t started on the next task. By celebrating milestones, you get to re-energize, pump yourself up for the next challenge, and be inspired to do it all over again.

Dare: I dare you to step off the hamster wheel and celebrate your next milestone. Pause and reflect on it and reward yourself for this achievement before taking on the next one !

Martha’s Outcome: I am an incredible goal setter. Each year on my birthday I write out the goals for the coming year and as soon as my birthday passes I am in full pursuit of those goals. My goals range from completing athletic events (triathlons, marathons, ½ marathons), to learning how to identify a nice wine, to landscaping a garden, or even to the elusive goal of having “style”. As I look back on the years, I remember working towards these goals but I don’t remember how I felt when I was done as I was already starting the next thing on my list. But that is all about to change. This weekend I got engaged. A BIG milestone! So, I am committing to take my own advice, to celebrate this BIG event with family, friends and with the man of my dreams. To not jump right to wedding planning but to live in the moment and feel it through – from head to toe.

Get Inspired. Take pause from the next task and celebrate.

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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  • I had heard Obama quote something similar when talking about the differences in opinion between he and former-primary-competitor, now running mate, Joe Biden. He said that he wanted to surround himself with people other than yes-men, so he could hear and debate thoughts different from his own.