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Wisdom that works

Over my 32 years I have been given a lot of advice. Some I was good, others bad, some so good I have made it my goal to pass on to others ! Below are some that I have taken to HEART and live the life I love today as a result. What wisdom worked for you ?!

Be yourself.
Who you are is AWESOME. Why would you ever try to be someone you aren’t. It is too much work. Embrace your uniqueness, the gifts you bring to the table and be present in yourself every day, every minute.

The only person looking out for you is YOU.
You own your journey. If you want something, go get it yourself. Don’t blame others, recognize that you are the captain of your ship. This also means that when you disagree with something or want something to change you have to speak up. This takes courage, but no one else is going to do it for you.

Pick your company, not your job.
My Dad gave me this advice. Today I interpret it a little differently than 10 years ago. Today I define company not only has the enterprise/institution that you work for but the PEOPLE. This aligns with the advice that you should be picky about who you will work for. If you work for a good person, who has vision, or a company who has a culture that suits you – then go for it. The job over time will evolve – the people and the culture tend to not change.

Conceive it, believe it and you will achieve it.
This is a new one I have recently added to my list. This is from Napolean Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich and is advice Andrew Carnegie gave him as he was researching the process of becoming successful. This wisdom is what I was given 5 years ago from my life coach Amanda Murray when she had me spend time visualizing my life at 32….and now I’m living it.

DARE: Identify the wisdom that enabled your life of success. If you have found it – SHARE IT ! If you haven’t found it yet, I dare you to seek it out with passion and viguor. You never know you might find it in a comment here !

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Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

2 Responses to “Wisdom that works”

  • “Always do your best” My dad’s advice on life. It’s always good advice, but especially when you are not enjoying something or are having trouble seeing the value in the activity. When you give your best, you are proud of yourself and oftentimes make a better impression on others, without intending to.

  • One of my favorite bits of wisdom is for things which aren’t immediately relevant is to say ‘let future mark v think about that’. It just simplifies what you’re actively thinking about now and allows you to focus.