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Theme of the year – Super Marth !

Happy New Year ! For many, this time of year is about new year’s resolutions. At Martha’s Dare, any time is a good time to set goals and a theme for the year. Why choose a theme ? The theme is a positive, happy phrase that sums up what you want to achieve in that year. It serves as a way to remind you of your goals, inspires you to stay on track, and helps you take a BIG step towards living the life you love.

This year (my 32nd year) is the year all about commitment to health ! This year I will focus on eating right (that means NO gluten, NO sugar, NO dairy), training for my first ever Half Ironman and introducing some balance into my life. Just now, when I was thinking about grabbing some chocolate chips for a snack, BANG! I remembered, Commitment to Health and chose the almond butter and rice cracker snack instead. The theme serves as a reminder of my goal, wherever I am. With any set of goals, I also highly recommend giving yourself some help along the way. For example, fill your house with food that you should be eating (and some healthy treats), sign up for a club so that your activity can be FUN while helping you progress towards your goal (I signed up for the University of Toronto Triathlon club), and once and a while rewards yourself for sticking to it !

So how to get started. I recommend starting with your goals and then finding a theme that resonates with them. Start by taking a blank sheet of paper and brainstorming your goals, just list them out. I like to ask myself the question, when I am sitting here a year from now what do I want to say I have done in the last 12 months. Once you have your list of goals, try to group them or draw a line between the ones that have something in common and write what they have in common in the page margin. When you are done, lok across the commonalities (or themes) and come up with a phrase that reminds you of them. I highly encourage you to try and be creative with your theme. Remember it is a reflection of YOU ! Three steps: Define your Goals, Choose a Theme, and live it !

Here are some examples:
If your goals are to find and get your dream job, invest more time in your personal appearance, and learn how to roller derby, you might choose Take the Leap ! or DREAM me! as your theme.

If your goals are to travel abroad, learn a new language, and write your theme might be Spanish Adventures, or Italian Pencil !

Now that I think of it, my theme is kind of boring and lack creativity – commitment to health, that’s not innovative at all ! How about Super Fit Healthy Martha or Super Marth ! Ohh I like that one.

Why do this in January ?! Well in fact I don’t. I look at each year as the year of Martha which starts and ends each year on my birthday August 1st.

What is your theme for this year ? Do you have a “Super Marth!” equivalent ?

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

2 Responses to “Theme of the year – Super Marth !”

  • Great message Martha. I made a commitment to myself to get fit throughout 2011. Though I have accomplished a lot of things throughout the years, it has been nearly 20 years since I made a genuine commitment to get healthy and to challenge myself – physically.

    Since December 29, 2010, I have not had a cigarette. My resolution for 2011 was not to quit smoking, but to challenge myself to get in the best possible shape I can get into at my age and with my pre-existing health conditions, or more specifically, joint problems with a touch of hypoglycaemia.

    Having started a more balanced nutritional program and a regular workout routine which includes weight-training and walking/jogging/running and will include cycling and swimming, I thought it would be a great physical and mental challenge to train for a triathlon. In the very least, I have begun my training for a marathon and will be registering for at least two in 2011 – one in May and one in October. Needless-to-say, I have a lot of work to do between now and May.

    I have tried quitting smoking in that past and for a number of reasons, have failed. I have learned, lived and taught goal-setting to achieve desired results. This is the first time I have tied the two desires together – quitting smoking and getting fit.

    If you can see it and believe it, you can achieve it!

    Thanks Martha. You are a great inspiration!

  • I love the process of brainstorming and refining goals and ideas. A session sticking ideas writen on post-it notes on a wall might sound dry, but it is such great fun! I highly recommend it. Sometimes, though, executing on them isn’t quite as enticing! This year, since I began my new career direction about 6 months ago, I haven’t felt the need to do any self-improvement or brainstorming type exercises at all. My bandwidth is full executing on the ones I was planning, visioning and pursuing a year ago.

    Anchoring the ideas with a catch phrase or strong visual (like Super Marth!) is a great idea, though for me, so far I really only have an instinctive ‘feel’ of where I want to go. The goal unfolds as I pursue it… and as I learn more about myself, get more comfortable, learn new terminologies and acquire more skills… even though I might not know exactly where I am going, I definitely know I am getting there! So it’s steady on for 2011! Uncharted waters and a long way to go, but only blue skies on the horizon…