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The precious gift called A JOB !

“Another awesome day !” This is the text I received today from my sister Rebekah. She inspires me and reminds me that we should be thankful for what we have.

Rebekah has just finished her second week of work. Something some doctors and teachers would have thought NOT possible 10 years ago. What I need to tell you is that creating and living in a world MADE POSSIBLE is exactly what she does.

Let me back up and share some of the things Rebekah has made possible for herself as a result of relentless ambition, a positive attitude, a few miracles and a LOT of hard work

• Woke up after being clinically dead for 20 minutes
• Survived her sailboat being run over by a barge
• Graduated High School
• Was published in Canada’s national newspaper
• Graduated University with a bachelor of business
• Started her first job in January 2011

A job ! What brings my sister Rebekah ultimate, overwhelming joy – is the very fact that she has a JOB ! I get txts and phone calls each day telling me how AWESOME her work is. This job represents the next part of her life, life after university, and a strong message to the world that she has MADE it ! She has proven that someone who has had meningitis, and who can’t walk can get a job, and live a fulfilled life. This is why she is so thankful for her job.

Rebekah’s joy and oustanding achievement, has made me think that maybe I should reframe how I look at my life, and specifically my work. Perhaps, instead of complaining about all the work I have, I should be thanking my boss for giving me invigorating work. For you see, what Rebekah has made me realize is that I take my job and interesting work for granted. Each day I am given the opportunity to adventure and learn – I should embrace it, and be thankful for it. For it is an AWESOME day.

So I dare you to re-frame your work as a gift – an opportunity for adventure and learning. Have yourself an AWESOME day.

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Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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