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My 100 things

Inspired by an article in Times magazine that DARES us all to live with only 100 things ! In my last post Shed the Clutter, Embrace Life I talked about how our stuff can get in the way of living. I asked three key questions, one of which was could I live with only 100 things ?! So here is the breakdown of what I believe may be my 100 things…and my commentary on whether I think I could do it…..what do you think ?

Let me first brainstorm what I really value in life – the things that make me MARTHA and see if that helps me categories my things ! (Note, the second question I asked you last post was whether my belongings align with my life values !!). When I think of the things that are a priority in my life, that I assign value to and invest my time, money and respect, this is what I came up with.

Key Values: Family, friends, health, my community, giving back, creativity/innovation, life experiences and honesty.

There are some “things” that almost crept in, but as I thought about the things in my life that no matter where I was, if my house burnt down – these were the things I would want my life to be filled with. With that realization, my 100 things may be easier…or at least I hope so.

Family and Friends: Things to connect me with family and friends. My family lives on the Coasts of Canada so something to stay in touch is very important ! TOTAL 2
– Computer – for skype, email, letters, photos, and memory capture
– Cell phone – ok, I’ll be honest, I would pick my iPhone with a purple cover, headset and charger.

Health – things that would enable me to be as healthy as possible as well as inspire others to do the same. TOTAL 21
– running shoes, with orthotics and speed laces (these are laces that act like an adult version of velcro!).
– Bike, bike shoes and helmet
– summer/inside running outfit – shorts, tshirt, sunglasses, socks, an sports bra
– winter/outside running outfit – pants, long sleeve, insulation layer, touque, gloves, running jacket
– Swim suit, cap and goggles
– Skates
– toothbrush and hairbrush

My Community – the brilliant part of this value and Giving Back, is that they don’t cost me anything to give to them. I don’t need to be wearing a I HEART my COMMUNITY shirt, or need money to give back. Just me and my time and my skills. GREAT – TOTAL 0

Creativity/Innovation – well the cool thing about this one is that part of being creative means making/thinking/creating creatively with NOTHING. However there are a couple of things that I would *like* to enable my creative passions. I have a ton of books but most of the information can be found on the web. So I think I would leave them out. TOTAL 1
– Camera in a camera bag with lens cap.
– pen and journal – something to capture ideas...hmm maybe I could do this on my computer !
– – lucky for me this is covered with my computer ! Whohoo.

Life Experiences – I lot of my belongings represent memories, favourite people, or adventures. I have plants that were my Grandmothers, tea cups from friends representing different milestones in my life, the stain glass window from my first home, my leather jacket from University, prints from museums around the world…this is where my STUFF list is LONG. But if I could only have 100 things I might have to pick one or two things that remind me of how blessed my life is. TOTAL 7
– Martha Heirloom penny jar – something that represents the rich history of my family.
– My engagement ring – a key momento from my love – Mark.
– 1 tea cup from my Grandmother
– My orchid that my Gran has had for years – should it die I would replace it with another plant
– My pearls – a gift from my parents for my 21st birthday
– My passport and birth certificate

Honesty – a value that is priceless but requires nothing to enable it ! The best kind ! TOTAL 0

So I believe that makes up the things that enable my values a total of 29 things. Now for the things I need to LIVE. Things to consider – staying warm, sleeping, eating, and dressing myself. This is when I think I will wish I lived in a warmer location so I didn’t need scarves and a warm coat !

Let’s make the assumption here that I can work from home and don’t need to dress up every day :)

Life Essentials – let’s start with things that keep me warm and clothed. TOTAL 29
– 2 Underwear, 1 bra, 2 pairs of socks , 1 undershirt, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of nylons, 2 tshirts, 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 1 sweater, 1 PJs, 2 Dresses
– Fancy Shoes (1 pair), casual every day shoes (1 pair), boots (1 pair)
– 2 fun necklaces, 1 bracelet, 1 watch
– 1 winter jacket, 1 pair of winter pants, 1 scarf, 1 pair of fancy gloves, 1 purse

Eating – a passion of mine is cooking and eating. Hmm, what do a ABSOLUTELY need. TOTAL 21
– 1 pot, 1 pan, oven backing dish, 1 wooden spoon, 1 potato masher, sharp knife, 1 small sharp knife, bottle/wine opener
– Kettle, blender (for smoothies of course)
– fork, spoon, knife
– large plate, small plate, bowl, large bowl, 1 storage container
– 1 glass, 1 mug
– Tea/Coffee pot

Sleeping TOTAL 4
– Blanket, pillow, set of sheets, Bed

Miscellaneous things TOTAL 12
– hand and face cream, deoderant, floss, razor
– Swiss army knife – clippers, scissors, tooth pick, tweezers and other fun handy tools
– Sofa, Table, 2 chairs
– Credit Card/Bank Card/Cheque Book

Phew…..A TOTAL OF 96 !!! Room to spare. AWESOME.

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