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What do you do ? What do you want to do with your career ? Your life ? Have you been asked this question lately ? Over the last week I have had several conversations on this topic. These conversations have ranged from coaching discussions I have had with my team where I have asked for clarity on what experiences and roles they desire to have in the future, to talks with my mentor about how I prepare to “sell” myself to other organizations as I determine my next career move. The real question is, what is your personal mission ?

As I coached my team and prepared to do my own homework on this, I had a hard time articulating a clear, concise approach. That is when I learnt about the 8 word mission statement.

I was discussing Martha’s Dare and how I want to take it to the next step with my fiance over dinner, when he pointed me to article from the Harvard Business Review that spoke about the value of an 8 word mission statement. The article ties the quality of the company to the crispness of their mission statement. The mission statement should be under eight words following this format: “Verb, target, outcome.” For example: “save endangered species from extinction” and “Improve African children’s health.”

So I tried it for Martha’s Dare I created the following crisp, focused mission statement “Inspire young adults to achieve their dreams”.

The 8 word mission statement works for companies, why not apply it to creating a personal mission ?

So I tried it…
Step 1: Verb. What do you desire to do ? Lead, Inspire, Grow, Dare, Solve, Help, Encourage, Make…
Step 2: Target What is your target ? Who is your target ? The world, animals, youth, children, Canadians, Homes ?
Step 3: Outcome What is your desired outcome ?

For me these might look as follows:
Verb: Lead, Inspire, Innovate, Be
Target: Young adults, teams, innovation, change, me, you
Outcome: make innovations real, achieve their dreams, introduce change, solve strategic problems, identify new opportunities, leadership

I have to say that this took some thinking and time. This is YOUR mission statement. Your statement of desire in life. The three ideas I came up with for me were:
Inspire you to achieve your dreams
Lead teams in making innovations real
Be a global innovative and strategic leader

I dare you to spend some time and figure out your 8 word mission statement. So that the next time someone someone asks you what do you do – you can say it with clarity and confidence. I know I’ll answer that I inspire young adults to achieve their dreams on

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

3 Responses to “Get your personal mission statement HERE !”

  • i found this, last year, when creating a presentation for a conference and while it’s about elevator pitches the word list was super helpful for helping students create their “what do you do?” statement. it may be useful for martha’s dare.

  • My best friend Amanda is now a certified personal trainer and has opened a fitness studio with the mission statement “I will… I can… I am…” Her main focus is on overall health and well being filled with motivation and positivity. Everyone can fill the statement in differently depending on their own goals for me It says “I will lose weight and become healthier. I can eat well and exercise. I am a better person because of this.”

    Neat eh? Try filling it in with your own goals, it works for everybody!

  • Oh and the name of the studio ‘Personal Power Fitness Studio” She believes everyone can achieve their goals, one step at a time using their own personal power.