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Where do you invest your time ?

A major theme in my work and my life right now is the topic of priorities. At work, I debate how I want to spend my 8-10 hours and at home I try to figure out what after work activity I should make a priority. We all choose how we invest our time, the question is, are we investing it in what is a priority in our life ? And if not, how to we get aligned so we can live the life we love.

So, let’s figure it out ! I would encourage you to do is to write down a list of your priorities in your life (you can also do this for work). This list is your list – FOR NOW, your priorities will change as your life evolves. If you have a hard time figuring these out, think about what you would do if you had a week off at home. Where would you spend your time ? Who would you HAVE to see ?

For example, I have four priorities right now…
1. Maintaining a healthy relationship with my fiancee
2. Being Healthy – and training for my half IronMan
3. Maintaining a healthy relationship with my family, and close friends.
4. Living my passion through Martha’s Dare

Next I want you to write down how you have spent your free time for the last two weeks. How many nights did you watch TV ? How many times did you go to the gym ? How many times did you talk to your family ? The easiest way to do this is to write out the list of the things you did and every time the come up again give them another checkmark.

My last two weeks look like I was mostly about getting my work outs in and less about spending time with Mark (he also happened to be in Asia for some of the time!). This weekend I need to make him a priority. I also watched more TV than I spent working on my blogs – not aligned with my priorities.

Workout/exercise XXXXXXXXX
Phone Call with Family XXXXXXXX
Mark Time XXXXXX
Cooking XXXXX
Hang out with friends XXX
Writing Blogs/Tweets XXX
Wedding Planning XXX
Paying Bills XX

I encourage you to do this check in once in a while. Being aligned to what is important to you is one aspect of ensuring you are living the life you love, for these priorities should be aligned to your life’s goals, and to your values.

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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