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Dream = 10km Confidence Builder

Tonight I listened to a fantastic podcast from Dr. Jean Houston about the 3 keys to discovering and living your true purpose that inspired me to share a story with you. One of the keys is about Holding New Beliefs. One of Dr. Houston’s strategies for creating these new beliefs is to practice visualizing it (an accomplishment, a goal, a global change, or a project) using all of your senses. She talks about how if you engage all of your senses, it will assist you in rooting your intention and help you feel and see it using all aspects of your mind and body. Below is an example from my life, in how I was able to visualize a dream into reality.

In 2007, while I was flying back from the Silicon Valley to my home in Toronto, when I read an inspiring article in Runner’s World called Marathon High. The article shared the story of how a teacher launched a running program for a group of at-risk students at a High School in LA to take on the challenge of running 26.2 miles. As a result of training and completing this BIG goal, the students acquired self confidence, and learned life lessons that that no classroom could offer. They were transformed by this experience. When I read this, with a smile on my face, I asked myself, could we do this in Toronto ? So I shared the story with a group of motivated women from the Junior League of Toronto and my vision of what this would look like. Together we visualized the program – the women would be “running buddies”, a visible mentor for the girls while they ran. The girls would be given a contract, that they would sign and keep to document their goal. We would all be sore after each training, but through the unwavering support of the mentors, we would finish them together. We could sense that the journey to complete the 10km goal would benefit each participant uniquely. We could feel the sweat that the girls and mentors would shed on their road to the finish line. We believed that the program would change people’s lives. Even before we got started, we could see, taste, feel and hear its success.

In 2007, in partnership with St. Alban’s Boys and Girls Club, the Junior League of Toronto launched the JLT Kickstart for Health program. The intention of the running program is to empower teenage girls and their families to embrace healthy lifestyles by building confidence, developing new skills, and inspiring positive life choices. Since its launch over 30 girls have completed a 10km race and dozens of Junior Leaguers have got fit while cheering them on.

Meet some of the participants in a short documentary about the program.

The Girls getting ready to run their first 10km race.

This program was a dream come true. Since its inception, I have run alongside the participants as their unwavering cheer leader. I have seen girls from the poorest areas of Toronto realize with a smile that no matter what games they played to try and piss me off, I would wait for them to finish their training and encourage them in their goal. I have been beaten by 12 year olds to the finish line who up to 8km questioned their ability to finish, only to finish with gusto ! I have seen girls grow into confident women who know that with perseverance and a little courage they can achieve any goal they set their eyes on.

As Dr. Jean Houston suggests, visualize the change you want to make in the world. Believe it with ALL of your heart, mind and soul and it will HAPPEN.

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Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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  • Beautifully done, Marth. You are an inspiration to us all! Much love and gratitude for putting such a great example of manifesting a vision out into the world.

  • I carry an attitude of gratitude for the love, support, kindness and educational opportunities I have been granted since being adopted.