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What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started your career ?

I really wish I could have asked my grandfather this question. My Granddad, Norn Garriock, started his career in farm broadcasting and retired as the vice president of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). He sat on community boards, and even named Toronto’s (Seneca College). He was known for taking risks, getting the job done and being a strong leader. I knew his career highlights as the person that brought Three’s Company and Fraggle Rock to TV in Canada. Unfortunately, my Granddad died while I was in highschoool, before I got to ask him what wisdom he had for me.

I was on a mission. I found out that Granddad had a dear friend, Graham White, who had a similar career at ABC television in Australia – maybe I could ask him ? While I was in Australia, I called on Mr. White and over dinner asked him my question. “What wisdom did he wish he had known when he started off his career?” Mr. White told me a story about a time in his career when he was asked to take on a executive role but didn’t care to work with the person who would be his peer. He accepted the role, with the condition that they find a new role for the peer he did not care to work with. And they did. His advice to me was “to know what you want, and have the courage to ask for it.”

Martha in Australia to discover wisdom !

Curious as to what others might respond to this question, in 2006 in preparation for a presentation at Queen’s University Women in Engineering conference, I asked a group of friends the same question. “What wisdom did they wish they had known when they first started their career.” This is what they said:

“Ask for more money than you inexperienced gut tells you to – we tend to under estimate our worth.” Stephanie Zeoli

“Put yourself out there. Go for what you want. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and ask questions.” Sarah Johnson

“Business parties are not social occasions — you are still at work. Leverage them for networking opportunities, but if it’s starting to get “wild”, go home. Being known for partying hard won’t get you ahead. “ Christie Sutherland

“Being good at what you do is not enough when you start working. You also need to “market” yourself to make sure that your hard work is recognized by others. To become successful, you need to be “visible”. I wish I had taken the advice to “Toot my own horn” more regularly.” Geraldine Escofet

“I think it’s good to realize that it takes time to find your groove. That’s what your 20’s are for.” Alison Steinman

“The brand called “you” is the most important brand you will ever represent.” Ryan Garrah

“Take the initiative, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission.” Mark van Berkel

“Be yourself and take time to get to know yourself.” Martha Garriock

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started your career ? I dare you to ask around, and see what wisdom you discover.

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