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Authentic Martha includes being a rapper

I am a manager. Not because my Career Leader says I have an interest in managing people, but because I genuinely love leading teams on complicated expeditions and on journeys to overcome insurmountable challenges. For me, managing a team is like living Martha’s Dare in the flesh each and every day.

I currently manage a team of 10 employees, none of which live or work in Toronto. As a result, I spend all day on the phone and on video with my virtual team and colleagues around the world.

I’ve always wondered what people thought of me as a manager. Each day I go to work and try to be the best leader and manager I can be. Inspiring my team to take risks, work in new collaborative ways, and see if we can get the work done fast. I try to make work fun. For example, to prove that we were a creative and innovative team, we created a RAP instead of an introduction video (btw, we got the most hits out of any team introduction that had been presented in the organization!!). The innovative, risk taking, fun manager is just me, and also extends into my team interactions. If I think something is funny, I laugh. If I disagree with something, I speak up. If I have an idea and am excited about it, I give a whohoo and share the idea. I am having fun at work, and my team is getting results. But what does my team think about my management style ? Lucky for me, my company does a survey each year to get the pulse of the organization, the leadership, and me.

Martha the Rapper !

This past spring, for the first time in my career, my skills as a manager were evaluated by my team. I was floored when I got my results. My team gave me a perfect score – 100/100.

When I asked my team why they gave me this super fantabulous score – they answered simply. You are transparent. You listen to us. You go to bat for us. You are inclusive. You are constantly thinking about our team’s next step. You respect that we have lives outside of work and strive to help us juggle both. You are approachable. You are authentic.

Be Authentic, simple eh. It amazes me that the thing that differentiates me from other managers is that I am authentic with my team. Being ME is what puts me ahead of my peers. Being ME is what makes me a top 10% performer.

The most exciting part is that it means that each of us has it in us to be the BEST. We all have the capacity to get to know ourselves and to be authentically us at work. The best part is that once you embrace being yourself at work, work will become easier. Because you will be able to focus on doing your work instead of managing the persona you have created.

Being 100%, authentic Martha is what my team says makes me the BEST manager they have work for. What does authentic look like ? It means that I answer the question “how are you?” with a real answer, and when asked what I did for the weekend, I share a story. When I am asked how I think a project is going, I courageously share the truth. Being me means being both a manager, and a sister, fiancee, inspirer, soon to be half iron man completer; and a very energetic, happy, woman.

I challenge you to be authentic. Have the courage to bring your whole self to work.

What does that mean ? Start today by exploring who you are….and then try bringing that passion, and all the parts of you that make you YOU to work. Two blogs to kick start your journey to authenticity are available on Martha’s Dare: know yourself fiercely and Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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