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Get noticed in the online virtual jungle !

This past January I had the chance to speak at Queen’s University on the topic of Social Media and Technology. What I learnt as I reflected on my own career in the virtual world, in interacting with some smart Queen’s Engineers and sitting at dinner Marketing guru Sidneyeve Matrix are the following five mantras to guide as you embark to get noticed in the online virtual jungle.

1. Get Online. In a virtual workforce such as the one I work in, if you aren’t online you aren’t working. My entire team is everywhere but in Toronto, Canada. If I cannot see them online I don’t know if they are actually working or available. Be SEEN! Get on chat, Skype, email, video or phone calls so people know you are alive and contributing.

2. Google yourself. How do you show up online ? If you don’t that’s a problem. These days, when you meet someone, are interviewing someone, or want to know about someone, you google them. Buy your domain (; get a twitter account and tweet; sign up for LinkedIn. It may be as simple of having a digital business card – your photo, your contact information and a short blurb about yourself. If you have a common name, add your initial or be like me and create a name that is unique – Marthasdare! I am fortunate that the first three pages of google are ME. Who shows up when someone Google’s you ?

3. Friends are a work asset. Your friends and connections are capital. Are you connected to them ? What is your klout score ? Connect with others, companies will want to see who you influence and how you do this. This is a great differentiator for Millennials – something you can teach older generations how to do.

4. The Virtual Opportunity. You can choose where you want to live if you can successfully work virtually. Pick your dream city and then find yourself a company that values your skills and contributions…from anywhere. Learn how to show up, influence, and contribute virtually.

5. Become a Video Rock Star. Show up on someone’s computer. The cheapest and most effective way to be present, while living where you love. Recently when I was Skyping a friend, she yawned and then I yawned. Video connects continents, cultures, and people. I took a challenge to do video blogging….what do you want me to video blog on ?

About Martha van Berkel

Martha is the co-founder of Marketing Technology company - Hunch Manifest. She likes to fire up customer adoption and disrupting industries! She is a entrepreneur and a Mom!

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