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About Martha

My name is Martha van Berkel (nee Garriock). I am a sister, a middle child, an aunt, a wife and a Mom. I am a triathlete, a marathoner, and Canadian field hockey champ. I am an engineer, an innovator, and a leader. I am Canadian. I am a gardener, house renovator, landscaper and a demolition machine! I am a traveler, a culture and experience sponge. I am a risk taker, in life, at work and in my dreams. I drive an 1965 Austin Healey and know how to speak French. I love the colour purple. I am passionate about people and about doing the right thing for my customers. I don’t take no for an answer, I’ll figure out a way to get it done. I am a volunteer. I am Martha Ruth Alison van Berkel, but some may know me by my maiden name, Martha Garriock.

I am also a professional in the IT industry….

I love leading and energizing teams, and taking on fun, new challenges. I joined Cisco in 2000 in San Jose, California as a Customer Support Engineer. After fielding countless technical support calls trouble-shooting, and a year doing product management, I accepted the challenge to help build an engineering organization within Cisco. Today the organization has over 400 employees and is responsible for developing strategic new tools and capabilities for Cisco’s Services. As a Senior Manager at Cisco, I was responsible for three areas of business – managing Cisco’s support troubleshooting tools, developing disruptive technology strategies, developing a support mobile application and webservices and leading the Cisco Support Website’s business strategy.

I love kick-starting new ideas. At work and in the community. Most recently I have led the start of the Queen’s Young Engineering Alumni community in Toronto. Five years ago I started the Kickstart running program with St. Alban’s boys and girls club.

I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University. When not working, I enjoy doing triathlons, traveling to new places, inspiring others and volunteering. In 2010 I launched this website, which takes my coaching, wisdom, and experience and uses it to inspire a global audience to go after their dreams. One day, I aspire to write an inspirational book on the topic.

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