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Leap towards your Dream!

Friday, 17 January, 2014

I have recently been re-energized to DREAM by Mary Morrisey, the founder of Dream Builder Toolkit and inspirer extraordinaire! I saw her on Giaim TV’s Inspirations interview and was eager to find out more about her dream wisdom so I could try them and share them with you. So I signed up for her free […]

The Slacker is BACK!

Monday, 25 November, 2013

I feel like a slacker. Between getting married, moving to Guelph and having a baby, Martha’s Dare has not recieved the attention it deserved. The good news? I have a stock pile of stories, work adventures, and life experiences to share. Since I last wrote, I have become a Mom, moved to a new city, […]

The Leadership Experiment

Sunday, 15 January, 2012

On October 23rd, 2011 I reached my eleven year milestone at Cisco, and to my surprise it triggered some deep reflection. Why had I stayed at ONE company for a third of my life !? Was there still an opportunity to grow? Could Cisco give me what I needed next in my career ? The […]

Authentic Martha includes being a rapper

Tuesday, 12 July, 2011

Each of us has it in us to be the BEST. We all have the capacity to get to know ourselves and to be authentically us at work. I challenge you to be authentic. Have the courage to bring your whole self to work.

Using frustration to drive clarity

Monday, 4 July, 2011

Do you ever finish work day and feel totally exhausted and unfulfilled and wonder “is this what I am meant to be doing with my life ? ” Your calling is something that your inner voice is telling you to do – something of a higher purpose. Do you know what your’s is ? Do you have the guts to go after it ? This is a story of my evaluation of my career and calling.

Be a realistic optimist

Monday, 16 May, 2011

In my past blogs I talk about visualizing the life you want and then going after it with fierce passion. Whether it be in defining a Big Hairy Audacious Goal , taking a leap to start a business, or sitting down and just picturing what life looks like in 5, 10 or 25 years – realize that as you visualize success, ALSO take note of the hard work, planning and effort it will take to get you there.

Where do you invest your time ?

Friday, 11 March, 2011

A major theme in my work and my life right now is the topic of priorities. At work, I debate how I want to spend my 8-10 hours and at home I try to figure out what after work activity I should make a priority. We all choose how we invest our time, the question is, are we investing it in what is a priority in our life ? And if not, how to we get aligned so we can live the life we love.

Take ten minutes to ponder you…

Thursday, 24 February, 2011

Take ten minutes to ponder your life’s purpose. What do you hope to achieve/give back in this lifetime ? Write down one goal.

A Monk, a Ferrari and some Special Sauce

Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

I just couldn’t wait to get back from my vacation to tell you about “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. This simple fable gave me clarity on what makes up some of my “secret sauce” and it is my pleasure to share it with you today.

My 100 things

Wednesday, 2 February, 2011

In my last post Shed the Clutter, Embrace Life I talked about how our stuff can get in the way of living. I asked three key questions, one of which was could I live with only 100 things ?! So here is the breakdown of what I believe may be my 100 things.